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Houston Criminal Law Video Frequently Asked Questions

Houston Criminal Defense attorneys, David Reddell and Jim Story answer commonly asked questions on Texas and Federal criminal law issues.

Click on a question to view the video answer:

1. Is it important to retain a Houston criminal defense attorney?

2. If I am charged with a crime, when should I retain a Texas criminal defense lawyer?

3. What are my rights if I have been charged with a crime?

4. What is the role of a Houston criminal defense lawyer?

5. If I’ve been arrested, why is it important that I don’t talk to any one other than my attorney?

6. Can one criminal defense attorney represent two defendants?

7. What is my Fourth Amendment Rights against unlawful searches and seizures?

8. What is my Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent?

9. What is an Arraignment?

10. How do criminal defense lawyers set their attorneys fees?

11. What happens if I can’t afford a criminal defense attorney?

12. What is a Plea Bargain?

13. What is Charge Bargaining?

14. What is Sentence Bargaining?

15. What is a jury trial?

16.  What is an appeal?

17. In Texas, can I have my criminal records sealed?

18. What is parole?

19. Can I get probation? 

20. What is Texas Forfeiture Law?

21. Why should I retain a criminal defense attorney with experience working for the district attorney’s office as a prosecutor?

22. In the criminal process, why can’t I trust that the government will do the right thing?

23. What if the government is not offering a reasonable plea bargain?

24. In a criminal law case, are expert witnesses necessary?

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