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In Texas, can I have my Criminal Record Sealed?

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Records clearance in Texas deals with non-disclosure applications and expunction orders. They’re two different types of procedures and they’re available to you in differing situations. Generally, the lower the charge, the more available they are. And there’s also some waiting periods. Like if you’re charged with a felony, and you’ve been on deferred probation, you have to wait sometimes five years after you’re off probation to get that order of non-disclosure.

But it’s a legal process whereby your records are not available to the general public. It’ll still be available like on a non-disclosure, that sort of thing, your records will still be available to certain government agencies, but it won’t be available to private employers, apartment complexes, that sort of thing.

This expunction is where your record is wiped out. These expunctions occur, when you go to a jury trial, and you’re found not guilty, you could apply for an expunction of the arrest as well as the offense.

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