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In the criminal process why can’t I trust that the government will do the right thing?

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Video Transcription

Many times clients will come to me with sort of an understanding that they deal with their regular lives, meaning any kind of problems that they have, things just sort naturally of workout one way or another they work out and didn’t really change the course of their lives in any huge manner.

And they often say things like well, you know the government handles these cases, if the case isn’t valid, why shouldn’t I just trust the government to do the right thing?

Well, anyone who expects the government to do the right thing hasn’t really paid attention to our government. Our government is famous for not doing the right thing, it may be the best government in the world, and clearly it is, but it has many imperfections—it’s a one size fits all mentality.

Someone who gets accused of aggravated assault, they send him to the aggravated assault pile, they’re not a human being—they’re an aggravated assault defendant. And if you want to be treated properly, and if you want to be treated as a human being, you need an attorney to fight for you…otherwise you will get what the government does.

What do we give people that have been charged with aggravated assault? Ok, and what we’ll do is we’ll give you the same things we give other people that have been charged with aggravated assault and if you’ve been in trouble before we’ll give you the same thing as someone who’s been in trouble before with aggravated assault. So if you want a normal, ordinary, “whatever we give everybody else solution,” then yeah, leave it to the government. If you want the best possible result for yourself, then call us.

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