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The Texas Golf LawyerSM

David Reddell is a former top junior golfer. He has continued his involvement with golf into his adult life as well. He is a member of the Texas Golf Association, the United States Golf Association, and The St. Andrews Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland. As a native Texan, an avid golfer, and a respected lawyer, he has been asked a lot of legal questions before, during, and after his rounds of golf which he has always done his best to answer.

David decided to make his legal assistance for golfers better known to the public by including this section of the website to advertise his availability to help golfers who have a legal question. To that end, he will be updating this section on a regular basis to advise golfers which course he will be at each week, and inviting golfers who will be at the course to ask him legal questions.

David decided to publicize his legal assistance to golfers to be able to help more people. He remembers fondly when his favorite law professor, and later good friend, the late T. Gerald Treece, used to appear on local TV in Houston every Saturday morning and answer legal questions from citizens who called into the program. While some legal issues may be specialized and need advice from lawyers who practice in the area, David has found that most people have questions that can be answered fairly simply. For more complicated issues, he can help put people in touch with other lawyers who may be able to assist.

David usually plays golf at Hermann Park Golf Course in Houston on Saturday mornings. He made a conscious decision to base himself at a centrally located public golf course to allow access to everyone, not just members of a private club. He has helped numerous people through the years based on relationships he’s made with golfers at the course. He also plays golf courses all over the state, and welcomes the opportunity to help golfers wherever he is.

Please check this section of the website regularly for updates of where David will be playing golf. It is his hope that meeting him at the golf course will be easier for golfers than going to a law office. David is The Texas Golf LawyerSM, and he looks forward to meeting with you at the golf course soon to discuss your legal question.

Please note that these sessions are not intended to create an attorney-client privilege, but are meant simply to provide practical advice. Any official representation by David will need to be done pursuant to a formal engagement.

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