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Why should I retain a criminal defense attorney with experience working for the district attorney’s office as a prosecutor?

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Video Transcription

Having been a prosecutor is very helpful in dealing with cases as a criminal defense attorney. I often times explain it to people in the same way, whatever your business is, you need to know your competitors, and a great way to know your competitor is having worked for a competitor.

An even easier analogy for a lot of people is sports—if I’m a offensive coordinator for a football team, it helps to know how to run a defense, because that’s how you beat a defense…  is knowing how to play offense.

So I use all of the expertise I gained as a prosecutor to know how they are going to likely present their case but also, it helps me to explain to my client, these things don’t get resolved immediately. There are thousands of cases that they’re dealing with, they are just one of the cases.

One of my jobs, as I see it, is to make our case different. Make me the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Make my person a human being… my client becomes a human being, not a number and not an offense. They are going to know what my client does for a living. They are going to know what church they go to, should they go to church. They’re going to know what community involvement that they have—they’re going to know that this is a human being, not just the offense they’ve been charged with.

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