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Can I get Probation?

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Our goal in every case we handle is to get it dismissed. If the case is not dismissed, we work to get the best plea bargain possible for our clients. A sentence of probation or community supervision is available in some cases, although not in all situations. If you complete the period of probation, the charges against you can be dismissed in certain situations. This means that following probation you can in some cases complete employment applications and other documents and indicate you have not been convicted of a crime. If you fail to comply with the terms of the probation, however, you can be sentenced to a prison term, since you have already pled guilty, and did not complete the community supervision.

You may be eligible to have your probation period shortened or ended after you have successfully completed a substantial portion of your community supervision . Probation is often an excellent result for persons facing conviction of a serious offense. Deferred adjudication and pretrial diversion are other types of probation. Your Texas criminal defense attorney can explain the different options to you.

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The judge in your case will decide between jail and probation based upon your criminal history, the facts and circumstances surrounding this offense that you’re before the court on, and what’s best for the community. If you have less criminal history, that’s better for you. If you have more criminal history, it’s worse for you.

Also, it depends upon the character of the offense that you’re in front of the judge on, whether this is a violent offense or whether this is just a nonviolent offense, and it’s completely at the judge’s discretion based upon the evidence that’s presented at you’re hearing.

That’s why it’s important to retain an attorney who will help you build a case to show that you’re a good person, that you were caught in a bad situation, and that this will never happen again, and that placing you on community supervision or probation is the best for you and the community.

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