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What is Parole?

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Parole is release from prison after you have served a certain portion of your sentence. You’ll be released from imprisonment to basically supervision within the community, and you’ll be supervised by a parole officer. Once you’re released from prison you’ll have to go and report to the parole officer, generally immediately or the following Monday.

You will report in to them and they will basically meet with you generally once a month and supervisor your release. Make sure that you’re living in an adequate area. Make sure that you are doing any type of supervisory terms that they place upon you. Some of those terms could be that you do not go to places where children congregate if you have that type of offense.

Another condition of your release could be that you take certain classes or that you remain employed and not associate with certain persons. So parole is a situation where you have been found guilty or you pled guilty, and you’ve gone to prison for a certain amount of time. And generally in Texas on state cases–

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