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What are My Rights if I’ve been Charged with a Crime?

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Being charged with a crime in Texas is a serious matter. It is very important to seek advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Houston criminal law attorney, Jim Story discusses your rights when you have been charged with a crime in Texas.

Houston Criminal Law Video Transcription

Your rights, if you’ve been charged with a crime, include– the most important right is a jury trial. And you also have the right to the legal counsel of your choice. And one of the most important rights is to have that attorney as soon as possible.

That way you can be explained what your rights are, what you’re charged with, what the possible conclusions are. But it’s important to retain an attorney as soon as you can so that you’re not alone in the process. You have someone who’s been there and done that, who can explain to you what’s going on, what your legal rights are, whether or not you have to talk to the police or not, make a statement or not.

And to explain to you that not all the police officers are there for your benefit. If you’ve been charged with a crime, the police think that you committed that crime, and they’re looking for evidence to show that you committed that crime. It’s human nature to want to explain to them that you’re not guilty, and this is why I’m not guilty. But what you don’t understand is they’re going to be collecting evidence that fits their version of the events. And they’re going to discount the evidence that you give them that show’s that you’re innocent.

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