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Who Is Liable for a Commercial Truck Accident?

Big rig day cab white semi truck with long box trailer making local commercial delivery at urban city with multilevel residential apartments buildings turning on the city street with crossroad

Trucking transportation is vital to the economy in Houston, and commuters can expect to encounter 18-wheelers at any time of the day or night whether they are traveling on the Katy Freeway, the Gulf Freeway, the Loop, or any of the dozens of freeways, tollways, and expressways that are part of the city’s extensive and bewildering infrastructure. Together, Houston’s complex highway system and vibrant trucking industry mean that commercial vehicle accidents are unfortunately not uncommon occurrences. These violent crashes often lead to serious injuries and raise complex questions about liability. Continue reading for help answering the often confounding question regarding who is liable for a commercial truck accident. If you’ve been hurt in a crash with a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle in Houston or statewide, contact McLemore, Reddell, & Story, P.L.L.C., for help from a team of skilled and dedicated Texas personal injury lawyers.

1. The Truck Driver

The initial focus in a commercial truck accident is often the driver. Driver errors, such as speeding, drowsy driving (fatigue), or distracted driving, can be primary factors. In Houston, where traffic conditions can be challenging, the importance of safe driving is paramount. McLemore, Reddell, & Story closely examine the driver’s actions at the time of the accident to assess their responsibility.

2. The Trucking Company

Trucking companies in Houston can also be held liable under certain circumstances. This liability can arise from negligence in hiring practices, inadequate training, or failure to adhere to safety regulations. The law firm scrutinizes the company’s compliance with federal and state trucking regulations to determine if negligence played a role in the accident.

3. The Truck Manufacturer

In some cases, the fault may lie with the truck itself. If a vehicle defect or malfunction contributed to the accident, the truck manufacturer might be liable. McLemore, Reddell, & Story collaborate with automotive experts to investigate if mechanical failure was a contributing factor.

4. Cargo Loaders and Suppliers

The way a truck is loaded can significantly impact its safety on the road. Overloading or improper loading can lead to accidents. In such scenarios, the cargo loaders or suppliers might be held responsible. Houston’s intricate supply chains mean this aspect requires careful legal examination.

5. Maintenance Providers

Regular maintenance is crucial for commercial trucks. Failure to properly maintain a vehicle can lead to malfunctions that cause accidents. Maintenance providers can be liable if their negligence in maintaining the truck contributed to the accident.

Identifying the Liable Party May Be Half the Battle

Determining liability in commercial truck accidents in Houston involves a multifaceted approach. McLemore, Reddell, & Story, with their extensive experience in personal injury law, comprehensively investigates all aspects of these accidents. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, it’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable law firm that understands the complexity of these cases and can guide you through the legal process.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a commercial truck crash in Houston, Corpus Christi, or throughout Texas statewide, call McLemore, Reddell, & Story, P.L.L.C. at 713-303-8543 for a free consultation. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support to individuals and their families affected by such tragic accidents.

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